Philosophy of Educational Technology

A philosophy of educational technology evolves naturally over time. Mine, after 15 years in the classroom has developed a very intricate circuitry based on personal interests and values but further advanced by the needs of the 21st Century learner. The theories of Albert Bandura, Lev Vygotsky and George Siemens have helped me define my teaching philosophy which  I see as one where my classroom is a values laden community committed to excellence in education using the technology in a meaningful and moral way so as to lead my students to become the stewards of our world community.

We are no longer able to disconnect. The global village is here and I want to ensure that my students are prepared. As with any sound pedagogical process or procedure in the classroom I need more than just basic competence in technology. I must be at a level of digital literacy that allows me to guide my students through the technological maze. I also need to be a life long learner myself. It is not that I must always be ahead of my students’ competencies in technology but I must always know how to shepherd them on their journey.

I am a high school math and science teacher but the reality is that these subjects cannot be taught in isolation. No subject should be taught in isolation as we are teaching children not subjects. Working with technology I can introduce the history, language and the art of math and science and show the interconnectedness between subjects, culture and technology.

Technology is the way of the now and the future. We can no longer use the excuse that we are not aware of the ills and moral angst that exists. The horrors that transpire everyday are but a Google search away. We are inundated with global news constantly. If we are to help change the world through the students we teach we must embrace and use the technology that we have. We must fight the good fight. As Chris Lehmann says, Technology needs to be like oxygen- ubiquitous, necessary and invisible.









Lehmann, Chris.(2008, September). School 2.0:Creating the Schools We Need. If      

            You Had Five Minutes on Stage What Would You Say? Symposium

            conducted at the meeting of IgnitePhilly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.









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